Association for Environmental Partnership (AsEP)

Association of Ecological Partnership AsEP NP (non-profit partnership) was established in 1997 at the St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce on the initiative of several environmental companies specializing in the construction of sewage treatment plants. Since 2008 it is registered as the Non-commercial partnership “Association for Environmental Partnership” (NP “AsEP”).
Since 2000, the Association received the independent development and now AsEP comprises more than 40 organizations that have a high scientific potential in various aspects of environmental protection. AsEP’s company members are mostly small and medium size companies. The success of our work and continuous development of AsEP is determined by the fact that the organizations of the Association are able to jointly offer a whole range of environmental and resource-efficient technologies and services:

·         design, construction and modernization, of both urban and local treatment facilities, including original technologies;

·         equipment engineering systems;

·         complex solution for water treatment;

·         creation of new equipment, technologies and devices for solving environmental problems;

·         execution of works on restoration and rehabilitation of contaminated areas and water bodies, carrying out environmental audits, certification and development of the full range of environmental documentation required by the enterprises;

·         introduction of the best environmental technologies, etc.

AsEP constantly organizes relevant environmental events, including the promotion of technologies, equipment and services, finds partners for production work, actively cooperates with various companies, including foreign, and is involved in international environmental projects.

Association for Environmental Partnership (AsEP), Russia, Partner
School street, 42, lit. And, pom. 8-H, 197183 St. Petersburg, Russia