EcoSairila – Within the framework of the BBC1 -project, a lot of information related to the circular economy has been produced for the use of companies, citizens, experts and educational institutions. The information has been collected on the platform and is constantly being developed. Visit the platform at this link

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EcoSairila is a centre of excellence in wastewater and waste treatment, as well as circular economy and biogas production in Mikkeli, Finland, based on cooperation between the private and public sectors, utilization of raw material flows and RDI cooperation in the region, creating new business opportunities also internationally.

BEM – Blue Economy Mikkeli – the development platform for the blue circular economy – Expertise, research, technology development& new business opportunities in water technology. New era of water circularity begins in Mikkeli. 

Membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant and water reclamation plant built 40 meters deep in the solid Finnish bedrock is as a core for the unique infrastructure for research, development, innovation and education.

BEM Water Hub offers:

– research and development, testing and piloting environments and services in laboratory, demonstration and full scale services for R&D organizations and companies.

– innovation and business acceleration services and helps startups and SMEs getting started with new ideas

BEM Water Hub brings together training and educational organizations to form an educational cluster for water management and circular economy of water

BEM Water Hub focuses on water management and circular economy specializing in 5 areas:

1. Wastewater purification

2. Wastewater reclamation

3. Sludge valorization

4. Energy recovery

5. Smart Water Solutions

Come and cooperate with us! Come and take advantage of a 100 million euros investment!

We are actively looking for partners and companies for cooperation. We offer your company access to our innovation, research and development platform, strong networks and properties zoned for industrial use, in a modern green-industry centre. The city of Mikkeli, its strongly committed officials and local authorities, and various funding organizations offer their full support for companies relocating to EcoSairila.

In Mikkeli, over 100 million euros have been invested in the research and infrastructure of water technology, material cycles and renewable energy in EcoSairila. A state-of-the-art water treatment plant with research and pilot facilities, and a biorefinery producing biogas and organic nutrients will be commissioned in 2021.

Relocate to Mikkeli EcoSairila!

EcoSairila is the site for success and a perfect place for a cleantech company to relocate to – either to start production based on our material flows and clean energy – or to develop a new technology to be tested and presented to global markets.

At EcoSairila we have modern infrastructure and we apply best practice in waste management, recycling, waste water treatment and energy production. We provide companies with targeted services and digital platforms to manage their business and environmental data. In Mikkeli your company will find solid technological foundation and a vast variety of RDI environments to support technology development.

EcoSairila´s three dimensions:

1) Industrial production and technology development

2) Utilizing material flows, data and digitalization

3) Operating and networking locally and globally

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Contacts: Panu Jouhkimo, Programme Coordinator, +358 44 598 6854,