You have an IT/MOBILE/INTERNET project or you just want to have an experience of working with an international team on project development? You are welcome!

Get the best practice in IT entrepreneurship and solving cases for the corporates (creating a new product, marketing plan, etc.) in our International Summer Startup School SumIT, held together with the international student camp Innocamp (Startup Connect Russian-Finnish cross-border cooperation project).

We are looking for students with different background (IT, economics, design, but not limited to it) as all projects need both technical expertise and business knowledge. We are also happy to attract students with other technical backgrounds (biotech, optics, etc.), who has their own startup ideas or want to get new knowledge about how to start and develop a business project.

SumIT and Innocamp allows you to create your own IT-startup from scratch or test basic hypotheses for your existing startup project and test it on the Russian market – if is suitable for your product or service (mini-accelerator). In the end you will present your team projects to the industry experts and VCs.

During the two week intensive online program you will work in groups of three to four people and attend webinars and virtual tours to entrepreneurial infrastructure of St. Petersburg. The entire program is held in English.

Further information: Elena Gavrilova, ITMO University, 

Deadline for registration is 1.8.2020. Please, register here:

Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland in the framework of South-East Finland-Russia CBC 2014-2020 programme.

Smart and green mobility and logistics webinar 6.7.2020 at 13:0-14:30

Welcome to the webinar organized by our cooperation project Cata3pult.

Program and registration in English

Program and registration in Finnish

The presentations will be in Finnish and Russian. There will be interpretation at the event Ru-Fi-Ru.

Virtuaaliset iltapäiväkahvit: Pietarin asumisen kiinteistöjen energia- ja ekotehokkuudesta liiketoimintaa, 17.6.2020 klo 13:00 -14:00

Yhteistyöhankkeemme Cata3pult aloittaa virtuaalisten iltapäiväkahvien sarjan.

Aihe: Energiatehokkuuden ja sisäilman parantaminen yhteisöllisen asumisen rakennuksissa, julkisissa rakennuksissa (kuten koulut ja lasten päiväkodit, opiskelijakampukset), toimisto- ja liikerakennuksissa sekä kiinteistöjen hallinta tarjoavat edelleen hyviä liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia etenkin suomalaisille yrityksille. Lisätietoa:

Tilaisuuksien sarjan sisältö pohjautuu 29.5.2020 julkaistuun GNF:n markkinakatsaukseen:

Ilmoittautuminen: Evilina Lutfi, , 050 436 2661, skype: evilina.lutfi