South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

The Small Business Center (SBC) 

The Small Business Center (SBC) is an RDI unit of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk) specialized in research-based entrepreneurship development and training services for SMEs.

SBC has almost 40 years’ experience in entrepreneurship development, research and training, entrepreneurship education and training teachers, as well as in SME development and training of executives and employees. The main mission of SBC is to support enterprises in their business development by training, doing research and developing new methods and tools at both regional, national and international levels.

more information:

The main activities in the project are

  • improving commercialization of the scientific research results.
  • accelerating new business plans, spin offs and startups to be established.
  • improving the competences of companies to operate in international markets.
  • increasing cooperation between universities and companies.
  •  arranging an open competition amongst students and researchers to find new innovative ideas in biotechnology and circular economy -> supporting these ideas further with the accelerator programme to the finalists of the competition.

South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), Finland, Partner
Patteristonkatu 3 D, FI-50101 Mikkeli

Contact person:

Anna-Maija Torniainen, project manager, anna-maija.torniainen(at), +358 40 628 0901