Business in biotechnology and circular economy -project contributes to cross border sustainable economic growth by supporting entrepreneurship and business cooperation in the fields of biotechnology and circular economy, where interface of reseach and business needs a special attention. New and fresh business opportunities will be created and cooperation between Finnish and Russian companies will be improved, new spin-offs and startups will be supported. In the frames of the project knowledge and competitiveness of companies will be improved. The project is funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

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Hybrid seminar “EcoSairila – a platform for the cross-border network”

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Cross-Border student-business competitions and hackathons; lessons to learn and best practices -webinar

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5 SEFR CBC NEWSLETTER 4 October 2021

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Seminar-webinar “Decreasing of carbon footprint from housing and social infrastructure buildings, mobility & logistics and efficiency of municipal waste management”

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CBC 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia programme, Priority 1 video

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